About Us

HBiO RETO XXI is a company founded in Bilbao in 2007, in the water treatment sector.

We are focused on the design, the setting up and the maintenance of the HBiO® ́s water regenerators. In addition we offer environmental consultancy services and we help our costumers finding external financing.

HBiO® with the collaboration of the technological center GAIKER, has developed a graywater regeneration system, it reduces the water consumption up to 50% with a minimum energetic cost. We are pioneer in hydrological resources preservation and always with the same premise “GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OF WATER”.

HBiO® suggests water reuse as a preventive method. When reusing water we are reducing water consumption in nearly 50% and we reduce at the same time ecological impact. Water and energy are closely linked resources, saving water will also let us saving energy.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence