About Us

We like to define interiortime as the first interactive ShopMagazine in the Interior Design industry. This ambitious definition, is because this spring 2015 we will launch a curated shop and also an interactive magazine about Interior Design, Art and Culture.

We are a hub of talent. We are glad to say we are a team with expertise in this field. We are decorators, art experts, specialized journalist among other passionate roles related to the fantastic design world. However, the most important thing is that we are constantly seeking for new talent.

We are very exited to start this project because we need to share with you our vision of Interior Design. Our main project is to create a new platform with a unique experience where you can shop, read and also play.

We have started our blog and also our social media channels. So if you don't want to miss to be the first of discovering interiortime, do not hesitate to follow us.

GR8 Interior Design guaranteed.


True connection

We love working for you. That’s our mantra. We want to give you a pleasant and stimulating unique experience. We want to take part, little by little, in the process of building your new inner spaces. We aim for a true connection.

Always with respect

We want to be there when you want us to be. You set the pace. You can decide what & when. We promote innovation and tradition at once. We stand up for culture, for ethics, for authenticity, for cool brands, for great designers. We believe in beauty, simplicity, and great experiences.

Best service ever

We are a multidisciplinary team with our own personality. We merge expertise, talent and freshness to offer you a great service. We like to collaborate and to be surrounded by the best talent. We have fun working. Our lead is the passion for excellence.
We are interiortime.

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