About Us

Kanteron Systems is a privately held Healthcare IT – Biomedical Informatics company founded in 2005 with an award-winning world-first solution that takes existing hospital enterprise systems to a whole new level by integrating genomics, pharmacogenomics, digital pathology, radiology, biosensors, and analytics into a single unified workflow. Furthermore, with our “SPLIT” software we finally enable the use of any cloud for healthcare images and data in a completely secure way that is transparent for the user. Integrated care. Patient centric. Personalized medicine. Here. Now. With offices in New York (USA), Lima (Peru), and Valencia (Spain), Kanteron Systems’ solution has already been deployed at some of the world’s largest healthcare networks like MD Anderson in the USA, the NHS in the UK, Seguridad Social in Spain, ISSSTE in Mexico, or EsSalud in Peru.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence