About Us

Was founded in 2002 by Humberto Vignali and Barbara Terol. Both of them provided a extended background in fashion advertising;
Humberto as Art Direction of main fashion brands as Massimo Dutti, Zara, Kids,..and more.
As a photographer for campaigns for Platino, Dusen, Donna, Utto, Lois, Bendorff Next, etc.
Making commercials for Lois, Pausant, JOygame,...
Director for music video-clips for Mandalas's albums...
And as filmmaker of Maldia, The fan's War.
Barbara as Stylish and Production Manager for fashion photo-shootings and commercials.

MISTER GARLIC creates and produce image for fashion brands ; audiovisual and graphic media.
Provides to their clients all steps requiered to realize a full Brand Image Campaign: from a catalogue graphic design through photography production till a media commercial video.

Commercial presence